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March 5, 2023

Dear Parish,

Thank you for bringing shape to this community that we call the Parish. It was only a year ago that we started having Sunday services again after years of meeting virtually.  Regathering has given us all a new appreciation for the importance of being together.  The pandemic has left us in a very polarized world, and the Parish is a place where diversity isn’t just tolerated but celebrated.  And together we are doing great things.  

Your collective giving has allowed us to recover from the pandemic and still give to other important organizations and ministries. A special thanks to those who responded financially to our appeal letter last fall as we began to adjust to different giving trends.  

Your consistent giving has enabled us to keep our commitments with organizations we believe in. For over 6 years we have been part of the Shalem Mental Health Network, which has provided over 50 free professional counselling sessions for Parishioners in the last 12 months alone. We were able to support Water First in brining clean drinking water to First Nation communities in Canada, and help The Daughter Project in their efforts to fight the sexual exploitation of young girls in Ontario. Your collective giving allowed us to support Danita Gilbert as she served on the medical team aboard the Mercy Ship Global off the coast of Senegal.  Together we have been able to continue to support One City in its efforts to care for those who are experiencing homelessness in Peterborough. And we can’t forget all the hats and coats, and food you brought in to clothe the most vulnerable this winter.  Finally this past Christmas, your gifts helped those staying at the Youth Emergency Shelter get through a difficult time.  

Together we are doing great things that move beyond our Sunday mornings together.

These are exciting times as we follow where God is leading us.  And it really is true that the world is a gentler,  more loving place because we gather each week guided by the life and teachings of Jesus.  

So, as we begin 2023 together, let’s be suspicious that God is up to something good.


and the Parish Serve Team

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