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the parish library

Welcome to the Parish library.  Here you will find a series of curated messages to either inspire you in your faith or to inspire you to reconsider a new kind of faith.

Thinking Man on Couch


These messages offer insight for those who are deconstructing old ways of thinking and need to be inspired to consider or reconsider faith in new ways.

Blanket | Aaron Holbrough
If your spirituality does’t offer you any hope for the things we struggle with in in the hear and now, I wouldn’t trust it to deliver anything in the here after

beLEAVING the faith part One | Aaron Holbrough

Some of the most life-giving spiritual experiences aren't on the other side of discovering something new, but in the letting go of something old.  

beLEAVING the faith part Two | Aaron Holbrough

If your faith doesn't have room to adapt and change,  you run the risk of becoming a brittle goat skinned wine bag. 

endTITLED  | Aaron Holbrough

The word 'Christian' is not a title for a better life, it is a description of how to live a better life. 

More to come

This space will soon be filled with curated messages

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